Recycling rubbish in Bendigo

Budget Bins Bendigo is on a lifetime commitment to promote, encourage, and practice responsible rubbish disposal methods and recycling.

Our ultimate goal is to recycle as much waste as possible to minimise how much is going into landfill and, as a result, helping the environment, our wildlife, and their habitats. We are continuously looking for new and better ways to have our methods and practices as environmentally safe as possible. Part of our current processes include the following:

  • Having Masonry Rubbish Skip Bins that include concrete, bricks, rocks, tiles, and more recycled into hard rubble
  • Having Green Waste Skips Bins that include plants and plant materials sent to landscaping and plant facilities to have them recycled into mulch, which greatly improves soil quality
  • Recycling the contents of Clean Earth Skips Bins and metal items from General and Mixed Skip Bins
  • With your help and for a small extra charge, we separate and recycle tyres, mattresses, and e-waste, and avoid having them thrown into landfill

But we can’t do this alone. You can help save the environment and help Budget Bins Bendigo maximise recycling by choosing the right bin and filling it up with the correct type of waste that it is meant to have. By knowing what type of rubbish are in the skip bins, it helps us greatly in sorting out what can and can not be recycled.